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Tectum Labs is looking to onboard innovative, unique and exciting projects to the Tectum blockchain and incubation program.

The Incubator program provides early-stage blockchain startups or entrepreneurs with support, funding, grants, mentorship, marketing, legal, recruitment and specialised resources to turn their ideas into successful businesses.

The application is currently open. If you have not heard from us within two weeks, this means you have been added to our list of potential projects for incubation in future, although this does not guarantee incubation. Due to the high volume of applications, we will only be responding to some applications. You will hear from us if we are interested in moving forward with your project.

Make sure all details and correct before submitting, and good luck!

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How to Obtain an API Key

  1. Authorization in Passport

    First, log in to your Passport account. This is the authorization step that confirms you have the required permissions to generate an API key.

    Log in
  2. Navigate to Developer Section

    Once logged in and on the main page, scroll down until you see a section specifically for developers.

  3. Locate Generate API Key Button

    Within the developers section, you will find a button labeled "Generate API key."

  4. Click to Generate API Key

    Click on the "Generate API key" button to proceed.

  5. Retrieve Permanent Key

    Upon clicking, a new page will appear displaying your permanent API key. Make sure to save this key securely, as you will use it for API-related tasks.

  6. Get Started
Important Note: Your API key is sensitive information. Do not share it and keep it secure.