Digital Cash for Crypto

SoftNote creates digital cash and unlimited scale for any blockchain. Now everyone can accept and use crypto and earn rewards while doing it.

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How it works

Minting SoftNote

You mint SoftNotes. Minting a SoftNote creates a wallet on the target blockchain and a new SoftNote bill, you choose the denomination. Every Minter gets rewarded every time their bill is spent. Forever.

Filling SoftNote

You fill SoftNotes with liquidity in the correct denomination. Every liquidity provider gets a reward every time their liquidity is spent. Forever.

1,740,536 Bills
SoftNote Bills minted total
2871 Bills
SoftNote Bills Filled with liquidity
Potential liquidity in SoftNote system
Why SoftNote?

The Best of Digital and Physical Money Systems

Powered by Tectum

Why SoftNote?


SoftNote change hands by transferring wallet ownership and keys. Not by clogging up the layer 1 chain.

Why SoftNote?


SoftNote bills are meant to be spent, so fees are charged to retailers who accept SoftNote, not users.

Why SoftNote?


With filled wallets changing ownership rather than coins, there’s an added layer of anonymity to every transaction.

Why SoftNote?

Massive Scale

SoftNote run on the world’s fastest blockchain Tectum. With up to 3.5 million transactions per second, that's 5000% more power than Visa or Mastercard.

Why SoftNote

SoftNote is the natural progression of digital assets. Just like Gold and Dollar bills before it. When gold coins became too cumbersome to carry around with you, central banks printed bills to be used instead. They were easier to transport, fungible, had no fees attached and were accepted everywhere because they were redeemable for gold at anytime.

We know the story. The central banks abandoned the gold standard and started printing more bills debasing the currencies we use everyday. Crypto has emerged as the antidote to that. But has yet to become an asset used frequently for real world transactions.

SoftNote is the solution, creating fully backed and redeemable cash for crypto.

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Crypto Solution for Business

Do you own a business and want to be a part of the future of payments?

Take advantage of our Early Innovators Merchant Offer. Accept cryptocurrency payments in your store or on your website in the form of SoftNotes.

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Roadmap 2024

Next Phase 2

2024 / dec 31st
2024 / dec 31st
SDK & API for Testers Public Decentralized
Mint, Fill, Handover & Burn Custom SoftNotes
Hackathon with TET rewards for Community Testers
Blockchain in TESTNET Mode
TectumCore.exe for blockchain node management
TESTNET source code on GitHub
“Ivy Tree” Consensus with TET Staking

Next Phase 1

2024 / sep 1st
2024 / dec 31st
Custom Token Generation
API for Tectum Core (Rest API)
Light Node Application for Windows
Basic Validator Node Consensus Public Protocol
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Softnote Wallet Mobile App IOS
Mobile APP
Softnote Wallet Mobile App Android

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