Tectum, The Fastest Layer 1 Blockchain, Announces the TET Listing on BingX Exchange

Tectum is proud to announce the TET listing on BingX. By March 20th, the token of the fastest layer 1 blockchain in the world will become available on this cryptocurrency exchange. This is a significant stride and part of our goal of reaching even more users.

by Tectum expert Emmanuel March 19, 2024

TET Listing BingX

Recall that TET had earlier crossed the $5 million trading volume mark after listing on the Gate.io Exchange. Following this achievement, the team is exploring more avenues to enable more individuals to buy, sell, and spend Tectum Emission Tokens. This article will flesh out everything that users need to know about this listing.

TET Listing on BingX Cryptocurrency Exchange:

Cashback and Trading Campaigns to Win 280 Tectum Tokens

BingX will list Tectum Emission tokens for spot trading by 10:00 AM UTC on Wednesday, the 20th of March.

On the date mentioned above and time, users will be able to deposit and buy Tectum tokens from the exchange.  The market will determine the price for TET in this listing on BingX.

Meanwhile, individuals who participate in this exercise will earn various rewards. This includes a 10% cashback on their first net deposit. Anyone who deposits 3 TET or more will get 10% in return. Individuals can get up to 1 TET worth of rewards.

Tectum is setting aside 140 TET for this exercise, and participants will earn rewards on a first-come-first-serve basis. Meanwhile, the benefits are subject to traders reaching a 100 USD trading volume.

Calculations are done according to the net deposit. This is the difference between total deposits and total withdrawals. For a better understanding, consider the formula below:

Net deposit = Total on-chain deposits – total on-chain withdrawals.

Besides the cashback bonus, Tectum also sets aside 140 TET as a reward for trading in the listing in BingX. Individuals who trade up to $100 worth of TET or more will earn massive rewards. Each person can get up to 3 TET.

Similar to the cashback promo, this benefit will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. In addition, these campaigns will run from 10:00 AM UTC on the 20th of March till 10:00 AM UT on the 27th of March. This provides ample time for users to

TET Listing on BingX: Essential Rules for Participants

BingX oversees the TET listing and the campaigns on its platform. Therefore, they have the final right to all the initiatives mentioned above. Considering this factor, everyone who wants to participate in this exercise must abide by their terms. Failure to do so may see users not receiving their rewards.

Below are the rules of this event:

  • Users must register to enable them to participate in the event. Anyone who trades via API is not eligible for the rewards in this exercise.
  • All rewards will be issued within 7 days after the event. Please make sure that your net deposit meets the requirements when the system reviews your account assets before reward issuance.
  • Any improper behavior such as wash trading, trading manipulation or using multiple accounts to participate will result in disqualification for this event.
  • BingX reserves the right to the final interpretation of the event. Users involved in unfair activities to get rewards will be disqualified.

Why Tectum Chose to List on BingX

Many members of our esteemed community may wonder why Tectum decided to list TET on BingX. The team assures everyone that we did not make this decision in error. This directive comes after careful consideration.

BingX is a very simple exchange that is beginner-friendly and very simple to use. Despite being straightforward, this trading platform offers diverse services, including spot, derivatives trading, social trading, and asset management.

Simply put, this is the perfect place to begin your crypto journey. Considering Tectum is incorporating new members (most of whom are new to crypto trading), it is smart to introduce them to an environment that is not overly technical and complex.

Are you looking to trade TET? You can do so on BingX from 10:00 AM on the 20th of March. Alternatively, you can buy, sell or trade Tectum Tokens on any of these other exchanges.

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