Earn From the $9,000+ Prize Pool When You Trade TET on the BingX Exchange

Do you know that Tectum is setting aside a prize pool of more than $9,000 for users who will trade TET on the BingX exchange? Well, now you know, and you cannot afford to miss out on this amazing opportunity. Following the listing of Tectum Emission Tokens on BingX, the team is rewarding members of our esteemed community. Continue reading to learn how to get your cut of these benefits.

by Tectum expert Emmanuel March 20, 2024

TET Listing BingX

Opportunities to Trade TET on BingX and Earn Massive Rewards

There are two opportunities to earn rewards from the TET listing on BingX. The first is the 10% cashback, where individuals can earn up to 1 TET. To be eligible, participants must first meet the requirements of 100 USD trading volume.

The cashback reward is calculated according to the net deposit left in the user’s account at the end of the campaign. BingX will subtract the total withdrawal from the total deposit to get this value. There is a 140 TET prize pool as compensation for individuals who join this campaign.

The formula below explains it better:

Net deposit = Total on-chain deposits – total on-chain withdrawals.

In addition to the cashback promotional offer, users can also participate in the trading contest. Anyone who trades up to $100 worth of TET will receive up to 3 TET as rewards. In simple terms, users will get the same amount of Tectum tokens

Similar to the cashback bonus, Tectum is setting aside 140 TET for the trading competition. This prize pool is different from the other promo, bringing the total reward to 280 TET. More so, there is no rule stopping individuals from participating in both competitions.

Both competitions will begin by 10:00 AM UTC on the 20th of March till the same time on the 27th of March. By 10:00 AM on the 27th, BingX will take screenshots and account of users’ activity in line with the set criteria. Distribution of rewards will take place 7 days after the campaign ends.

How to Trade TET (Tectum Emission Token) on BingX Exchange

As mentioned above, users must meet a minimum trading volume of $100 to be eligible for rewards. While there may be other criteria, this is the most important requirement. Considering this factor, the team deems it critical to share a quick guide on how to trade TET on BingX.

Below is a quick overview of how to trade Tectum Emission Tokens on BingX cryptocurrency exchange:

  • Visit the BingX website
  • Create an account using the correct credential
  • Verify your email using the link sent to you
  • Login to your account using the credential set earlier
  • Fund your wallet with USDT (as the trading pair is TET/USDT)
  • Begin trading TET on Spot or derivatives.

Ensure to trade up to $100 worth of TET on BingX to be eligible for the reward. In addition, also maintain a decent balance before the campaign ends to increase your rewards.

More importantly, participants must follow these rules:

  • Users must register to enable them to participate in the event. Anyone who trades via API is not eligible for the rewards in this exercise.
  • All rewards will be issued within 7 days after the event. Please make sure that your net deposit meets the requirements when the system reviews your account assets before reward issuance.
  • Any improper behavior such as wash trading, trading manipulation or using multiple accounts to participate will result in disqualification for this event.
  • BingX reserves the right to the final interpretation of the event. Users involved in unfair activities to get rewards will be disqualified.

Why You Should Invest in Tectum Emission Token – The Native Cryptocurrency of The Fastest Blockchain in the World

If you were not aware, Tectum is the fastest blockchain in the world. Our layer-1 blockchain broke its record of 1.3 million transactions per second. More so, it set a new one of 3.5 million transactions per second. While this is an admirable achievement, it is not the only reason to buy Tectum Emission Tokens.

Tectum blockchain is powering several products that are part of its robust ecosystem. More importantly, TET is the token that powers this ecosystem. Merchants, validators and various other stakeholders are required to hold and get their rewards in TET. In this regard, the demand for Tectum tokens will only increase with time.

This will drive up its worth and ensure that it gradually gains value with time. Therefore, the best time to buy TET is now, when it is still a hidden gem. Believe us, the current valuation of Tectum Emission Token is a steal. It is only a matter of time before it reaches enormous heights.

Smart investors identify the rough diamonds and capitalize on them. Are you a smart investor? If your answer is yes, then position yourself for the future by getting TET from BingX or any of the other cryptocurrency exchanges where TET is listed.

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