Tectum Developers Corner March Update

Tectum issues the Developers Corner March Update to let our community members know what we have been up to this month. Since the February update, the team has focused more on promoting the products within our ecosystem. While marketing initiatives have been our focus, there has been significant progress in terms of product development, upgrades, and maintenance.

by Tectum expert softnote March 29, 2024

Tectum Developers Corner March Update

This article outlines all the products under development and those undergoing upgrades. It will also highlight other beneficial updates, such as staking and token listings. Keep reading to get all the essential details.

Highlights of the Tectum Developers Corner March Update

Tectum is increasing the number of nodes that support fork bills like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Tron. For those who are not familiar with this term, a cryptocurrency fork occurs when a developer changes the code of the blockchain holding the token. When this happens, the token issuer sends an equivalent amount of the new crypto to all wallets holding such tokens.

The process occurs even when the holding wallet does not support the newly forked token. It can be a problem, as individuals will not be able to use their portfolios properly. Thanks to this new update from Tectum, users will have no issues accessing forked BTC, ETH and TRX

Besides raising the nodes for crypto forks, the developers are testing the system to ensure top-notch efficiency. In this test, we will focus on how the dashboard and explorer display transaction data. We want to ensure transparency without compromising users’ privacy and security.

In other news, we are preparing to launch a new Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) and SoftNote Pay. SoftNote Pay is a new product that will enable merchants to accept up to 10 different cryptocurrencies as payment methods. The EPOS software will work like a standard point-of-sale machine, whereby business owners can scan SoftNote Bills to receive payment.

This new project offers an efficient way for businesses to scale growth and increase their customer base. Interested entrepreneurs can learn more about this product in SoftNote Merchant 101.

As always, Tectum Developers Corner aims to work with user feedback, and the March Update is no different. Most of the bugs have been fixed to ensure a seamless experience. In addition, the team is ahead of the security curve to prevent any vulnerabilities before any malicious third party can exploit them.

Other Ecosystem Progress Report

For those who are still unaware, Tectum Emission Token is now available on the BingX. While it is predominant in Asia, this exchange is available in 100 different countries across Africa, America, Oceania, and Europe. Before signing up on this trading platform, please confirm that it is available in your region. For example, BingX is not accessible in the United Kingdom despite being an official sponsor of Chelsea FC – a football club in Britain.

Meanwhile, the TET Staking is still ongoing, and users can lock their tokens once they pool 10,000 units of Tectum Emission Tokens. This is a significant reduction of the initial 20,000 TET required to lock a pool. There are plans to make TET staking more inclusive. However, there will be a separate announcement when the new formula goes live.

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