Tectum Completes All TET Tokens Unlock

Tectum is proud that we have completed the TET Tokens Unlock, and there will be no more scheduled monthly releases as we normally do. To better understand, think of it as the final halving of Bitcoin. The team understands that not everyone will understand the implications of this initiative. This is why we are simplifying the process and its possible outcomes for community members.

by Tectum expert Emmanuel April 08, 2024

This article will spell out everything users need to know about the complete token unlock. It will also explain why now is arguably the best time to buy TET. Ensure to read every detail.

Tectum TET Tokens Unlock: Background and Overview

Readers can revisit the tokenomics of Tectum Emission Token to get an overview of our native cryptocurrencies. The economic models (or tokenomics, as they are often called) of any crypto asset are an essential part of any project. They are the ultimate proof of transparency and trustworthiness.

As you are well aware by now, no central bodies are regulating Web3. Instead, several self-regulating features and mechanisms guide the practice of all industry stakeholders. Tokenomics is one of the most such regulatory apparatuses.

Tectum Emission Token has a maximum supply of 10,000,00 units. From this total, only about 15-20% are not meant to be part of the circulating. They are set aside as equity for the team, seed-stage investors, and reserve tokens.

All other TET tokens (75-80%) are part of the circulating supply. The team did not immediately release all units at once. One reason for this is the “sell pressure” that comes with unlocking all crypto assets after the presale. This can adversely affect the value of such a coin significantly in the market.

Most blockchain companies that take this route resort to token buybacks to restore the value of their cryptocurrency. The tokens bought will either be burned or restored into the market, all of which are tactics to manipulate the price of their token. This practice is also unethical, as the DeFi market should be the determining factor of cryptocurrency prices.

With all tokens now in circulation, the market will now determine the price of TET. Nonetheless, the team will continue working towards getting more investors by developing more use cases for our token., As more people use these adopt Tectum products and use our cryptocurrency, the value will increase.

Tectum Gradual TET Tokens Unlock: Benefits and Impact

Several individuals probably wonder why Tectum chooses to gradually release TET into the circulating supply. If the aim of these tokens is for use, why not make them available all at once? As part of celebrating the final TET tokens unlock, we must explain why we opted for this approach.

First of all, gradually releasing TET prevents market oversaturation. The term “scarcity brings value” applies to cryptocurrency and decentralized finance as well. Being a budding project at that time, releasing all our tokens would make it overly common. Even psychologists understand that systematic desensitization is crucial when introducing something new.

For example, it is smarter to introduce a crypto newbie to a tier-2 or tier-2 centralized exchange instead of a decentralized exchange. It is not that you do not want such a person to grow into a pro trader. Instead, you want them to have a good first impression and have liquidity long enough to develop into a pro trader. Introducing them into a DEX can cause them to lose their funds instantly and develop a terrible idea about DeFi.

This brings us to the second point – stability. By gradually releasing TET into the market, we ensure that our token is less volatile and steadily grows over time. This stability is essential for investor confidence, as most people are risk-averse. Cryptocurrency as a sector is already risky with unpredictable conditions. The last thing you want is to make matters worse.

If Tectum had done TET tokens unlock all at once, the project may not have survived this long. On the other hand, we may be engaging in scheduled buybacks and crypto burning. This involves buying back Tectum Emission Tokens, putting them into a wallet, and destroying the private keys. Looking at the alternatives, users will agree that a gradual unlock is far more sustainable.

Why Investors Must Add Tectum Emission Tokens to Their Portfolio

Going by the explanations above, this is the best time to buy TET (other than the presale period, of course). One thing is certain, Tectum is developing more products and creating use cases for our native token. These applications typically require users to hold TET. With the number of people using SoftNote Bills or SoftNote Cash grows, so will the demand for our token.

Inevitably, this demand will increase the price of a unit of Tectum Emission Token. Certain experts are already predicting that TET will break its all-time high record in the coming months. While the market forces will come into play, the team is focusing on two things: long-term growth and actual utilization of this cryptocurrency.

Foremost, the larger picture shows that Tectum has blossomed from its listing price to its current value. This is a sign that this growth will continue steadily and gradually. Furthermore, we do not just want people to hold TET as an investment, Tectum wants members of our community to spend Tectum tokens as the “currency” that it is.

Plans for Listing Tectum Emission Tokens on a Tier-1 Exchange

Finally, people are probably wondering what will happen to our plans for listing on a Tier-1 exchange now that all tokens are in circulation. Well, this does not in any way affect the listing plans. It is important to note that the tokens released are “locked presale tokens”. This is different from the general reserve.

Tectum has a token reserve to cover possible future listings, most likely on a Tier-1 exchange. This is in line with the listing demands form crypto trading platforms. The team thought this through, so, users have nothing to worry about.

In addition, we can also list TET on an exchange through secondary market trading. In this scenario, holders of the token can trade their existing tokens on the exchange’s platform by transferring them from other exchanges. A great example of this is the addition of TET to the Coinbase DEX and Wallet.

We did not have to provide Coinbase with Tectum Emission Tokens. Instead, they simply made their platform compatible with the ERC-20 Tectum Tokens and people can quickly transfer our cryptocurrency to and from the DEX. In addition, users can also swap TET for other crypto like USDT.

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