Tectum Launches Three Protocol 500K $THREE Token Airdrop

Tectum is launching a Three Protocol token airdrop and giving out 500 thousand units of the project’s coin. This scheme is in appreciation of community members for their unwavering support. It is also part of the launch of this startup on April 29th.

by Tectum expert Emmanuel April 18, 2024

Three Protocol Token Airdrop

Individuals who meet the requirements will receive significant tokens on the launch day. They only have to follow the steps outlined in his article.

Three Protocol Token Airdrop: All You Need to Know

As mentioned in an earlier press release, Three Protocol will go live on the 29th of April. As a project of Tectum Labs, this budding company automatically becomes part of Tectum’s ecosystem.

In this regard, the team is giving Tectum community members the first right of refusal to benefit from this budding project. This opportunity will be an airdrop campaign from the 15th to the 29th of April.

Users must own at least 100 $TET in a non-custodial wallet to qualify for this airdrop. This means that tokens on centralized exchanges do not qualify for this campaign. Individuals can transfer their holdings to the SoftNote Wallet, Metamask, Coinbase, etc.

Meanwhile, there are no upper limits to how many tokens users must hold. More so, those with a more significant amount of TET have a better chance of getting more rewards than those who meet the minimum requirement.

For those still confused, staked tokens also count as part of the requirements. This means that everyone who locked TET can also benefit from the Three Protocol Token Airdrop airdrop. To participate in this airdrop campaign, submit a screenshot of your wallet holding and complete other steps outlined in this Galxe link.

Some of the requirements include:

  • Follow @ThreeProtocol on Twitter
  • Follow @BasmatiLav on Twitter
  • Join the @threeprotocol on Telegram
  • Visit the $THREE Protocol – Jobs3
  • Follow @FourNaanJez on Twitter
  • Visit, Like, Comment & Retweet the announcement Tweet
  • Verify Your $TET Holding to Claim $THREE Airdrop
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