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The Tectum Labs Incubation Program is designed to support and nurture early-stage blockchain startups and entrepreneurs, providing them with the necessary resources, mentorship, and funding to transform their ideas into thriving businesses. We offer a comprehensive range of services and expertise across various key areas to ensure the success and growth of the startups we work with. Let’s explore the components of our incubation program:

by Tectum expert Tectum July 11, 2023

Incubator Support:

Our incubation program offers a supportive environment for startups, providing them with extended periods of dedicated assistance. We carefully select promising projects and entrepreneurs, offering them mentorship and advisory services to guide them through the challenges of building a successful blockchain venture.

Fundraising and Pitching:

We assist startups in navigating the fundraising landscape, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to pitch their ideas effectively. Our program provides access to a network of investors and funding opportunities, including grants and other sources of capital. We help startups develop compelling pitch decks and refine their tokenomics models and valuations.

Development and Technical Framework:

Through our incubation program, startups receive technical guidance and support to launch their projects on the blockchain. We assist with technical challenges and offer access to white-labeled Tectum products, such as wallets, to accelerate development. Our experienced developers and product managers provide valuable insights and ensure technical excellence.

HR, Recruitment, and Operations:

We help startups identify areas of their teams that need strengthening and offer guidance in recruitment and headhunting. Our program covers important HR aspects such as payroll, employment contracts, policies, and workflows. Additionally, we provide internship programs to nurture talent and support the growth of startup teams.

Marketing and Growth:

Our program focuses on positioning startups for success by developing effective business strategies and achieving product-market fit. We offer guidance on PR, go-to-market strategies, community building, and engagement. Startups benefit from our network of crypto influencers, brand ambassador programs, and marketing agencies to amplify their reach and drive growth.

Legal and Compliance:

We provide startups with legal expertise and support, covering team recruitment, compliance advisory, governance, and structuring. Our program educates entrepreneurs on term sheets, token offerings, and corporate governance. Our network of legal experts and experienced entrepreneurs ensures startups are well-equipped to navigate the legal landscape.

Required Expertise and Resources:

To deliver a comprehensive and impactful incubation program, we are seeking the involvement of various experts and professionals. We are actively looking for:

  • VC and Angel networks
  • Experienced fundraisers and financial specialists
  • Tokenomics experts
  • Revenue model experts
  • Mentor and advisor networks
  • Jobs board and internship program facilitators
  • Headhunters for talent acquisition
  • Operations and team structuring advisors
  • Crypto community influencers and KOL networks
  • Market makers
  • Trusted marketing agencies and media partners
  • Legal and compliance teams
  • Marketing and community teams
  • Development and security teams


The Tectum Labs Incubation Program is committed to supporting blockchain startups on their journey to success. By providing a tailored range of resources, mentorship, and expertise, we empower entrepreneurs to overcome challenges, accelerate growth, and build impactful projects in the blockchain industry. Together, we can drive innovation and reshape the future of decentralized technologies.

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