Tectum Developers Corner April 5th Update

Tectum is proud to announce exciting improvements and additions to our ecosystem, in the Developers Corner April 5th Update. Users can now seamlessly enjoy our products better, thanks to these new features. We are also introducing changes to the T12 protocol to enable people to access cryptocurrencies more easily than before.

by Tectum expert softnote April 08, 2024

Tectum Developers Corner April 5th Update

This article will cover every aspect of the update that users need to know. This includes the introduction of new Tectum SoftNote Bills.

New Denominations of Blue BTC Tectum SoftNote Bills

Tectum is proud to introduce new denominations for blue BTC SoftNote Bills. As part of our goal to make Bitcoin more spendable, the team is introducing new units of blue bills for BTC.

For some time, users have given feedback on using SoftNote Bills. Many of the feedbacks have been about the limited denominations of SoftNote Bills. Our developers decided to give users unrestricted access and functionality. Following this update, people can now spend between 0.00001 BTC and 1 BTC using SoftNote. With SoftNote Bills now covering very small units of Satoshi, people can use their Bitcoin to buy just about anything.

In order news, Tectum is developing a new microservice to ensure that individuals can easily mint and spend these new denominations of blue BTC SoftNote. The best part is that this microservice will work with all SoftNote, not just the blue bills.

For those who are not technical, microservices involve an architectural approach where an application is organized into a set of independently deployable services. This means that SoftNote Bills can work independently, as well as with other products within the Tectum ecosystem where and when necessary. In simpler terms, people can easily integrate bills into their SoftNote Wallet or through the SoftNote.Cash platform.

Finally, there will be a service refactoring to the personal accounts of Tectum users. This will ensure that the new features and updates take effect. Think of it like restarting an app you just updated on your phone or computer.

Other Developments in the Tectum Developers Corner, April 5th Update

In other news, Tectum is changing the layout for the blockchain explorer. The team is simplifying this tool to enable people to access critical transaction information. These changes will enable those who are new to Web3 to settle in faster.

Meanwhile, Tectum TET token Unlock is now complete, and all available tokens are now in circulation. Meanwhile, Fork tokens are now working with the T12 network. The team worked with decided to introduce this, alongside several other changes, by using feedback from the community. We encourage everyone to share their concerns with us, and we will address them appropriately.

Finally, we are working on a Telegram bot that will notify users whenever a new staking pool is available. This bot will also include requirements like the validator fee. This update will occur in real time to ensure that people do not miss out on any updates. There will be a separate announcement to this effect.

Since we introduced the TET Staking exercise, some persons have complained about not receiving notifications when new pools open. This causes them to miss out on opportunities, as they may not always be able to check the staking menu to know what options are open to them. This Telegram bot will solve this problem by giving people instant heads-up.

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