Countdown to History: Tectum’s Guinness World Record Set For March 12th

Tectum is set to complete the final phase of the Guinness World Record Attempt on Tuesday, the 12th of March 2024. Recall that the team has done a live TPS event in February. Individuals who missed that session can read the first phase report to understand how it all went down.

by Tectum expert Emmanuel March 11, 2024

This is the second and final stage of our attempt to cement our place as the fastest layer 1 blockchain in the world. The team understands that the process may seem confusing to certain individuals. If Tectum has achieved the required record, why is a subsequent session needed? Well, this article will explain everything in simple detail and enlighten users on what to expect.

Details of the Tectum Guinness World Record Attempt

The final phase of the Tectum Guinness World Record attempt will take place by 5 PM UTC on Tuesday, the 12th of March. At this stage, the team will solidify our position as the fastest layer 1 blockchain in the world. Similar to the first stage, this event will take place via a live stream on Tectum’s YouTube page.

Using topnotch hardware devices, the team intends to smash the current record by a long mile. To ensure that our attempt meets the Guinness World Record guidelines, we will be measuring the blocks per second speed limit. This approach will reveal the actual results, compared to measuring it on the average.

Unlike the average method, the block per second speed shows the true capacity of a blockchain, even in congested traffic. This approach can also confirm if the decentralized network can process data transfers optimally during peak periods. For those who do not understand why this is essential for a blockchain, here is a little explanation.

Have you ever noticed that the gas fees for certain crypto transactions are more expensive during certain times of the day? Those times are known as “peak periods” and they represent hours when there are more people initiating transaction requests. Depending on the integrity of the data architecture, there may be delays in completing data transfer or total collapse of the network.

Difference Between Phase 1 and Phase 2 of This Event

For those who are wondering about the difference between phase 1 and phase 2 of the Tectum Guinness World Record, here is a clear explanation. The first stage was more of an introduction and the team focused on basic test. During that trial, the team did gradually run some transactions through the blockchain in more or less a “controlled environment”.

This time around, we will be doing real trials using standard transactions from actual users. Members of our community will be able to view all the metrics. In addition, they can equally participate by doing transactions through the wallet interface. This will prove that the Tectum blockchain has the capacity to process transactions with the speed of light.

More importantly, the network can complete these transactions without suffering from traffic congestions. What better way to do this than by running real time transactions and seeing how much the blockchain can process them without delay.

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