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For a short time, you can still purchase your free trial copy of Soft Notebook for $12.95 US.

Thank you for choosing to purchase Soft Notebook.   By clicking the button below, you can complete your purchase by secure online credit card payment.  For a short time longer, purchase price is $12.95 USYou must have already installed your free trial copy and have your serial number to obtain your unlock code after purchase.  If you have not downloaded your trial copy, please return to the homepage and follow the links for downloading.

When you have completed your purchase successfully, you must send the following information to :

  1. Your name (name used for credit card verification)
  2. Your serial number (appears on Status Screen when you start Soft Notebook)
  3. Your Click Bank Ticket Number (8 letter code will be assigned if purchase is approved)
  4. Your e-mail Address where we should send your Unlock Code

Upon verification of your purchase, your unlock code will be issued by return e-mail.

If you prefer to pay offline, instructions for offline purchase can be found by clicking the HELP button on your trial status screen which opens first when you start Soft Notebook.

Click the button below to continue your online purchase.   A secure link will open before requiring your credit card information.

Thank you!


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