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  1. What is Soft Notebook?
  2. Who Should Use It?
  3. What Are the Requirements?
  4. How Do I Learn to Use It?
  5. How Much Does it Cost?
  6. What if My Computer Doesn't Meet the Requirements?

What is Soft Notebook?

1)  Like Paper Notebooks with Tabs, Search Utilities, Password Protection

Soft Notebook is a very versatile utility which allows you to keep notebooks on your computer.  These notebooks have all of the characteristics of  ordinary paper notebooks.  You can create as many notebooks as you need to organize the many different kinds of information which you deal with.  You can create and delete notebook pages, and you can move and insert pages, as required.  You can create Tabs, and layers of Sub Tabs, to further organize information within a notebook.  Soft Notebook contains search utilities to help you find what you are looking for.  Soft Notebook is not intended to be a sophisticated word processor, but it does include many of the formatting capabilities of more sophisticated word processors.  If you need privacy protection, you can assign passwords to your notebooks

2)  Soft Notebook Includes Pop Up Notes, Sketch Pad & Scratch Pad

In addition, Soft Notebook lets you create "Pop Up Notes" for your notebook pages.   These are like the familiar yellow sticky notes that we all like to use.   Soft Notebook also includes a Sketch Pad and a Scratch Pad.  These can be used to supplement your notes with sketches or handwritten material.  While these are not intended to be general purpose paint programs, they do offer most of the same kind of utilities which paint programs offer.  They also contain additional utilities which provide you with a graphical interface for activities like music composition, for example.   Graphical images from many other sources can be imported into Sketch Pad.

3)  Create Audio Memos, Import & Export Text, Print

Soft Notebook also allows you to create Audio Memos to supplement your notes, much as you might do with a cassette recorder.  You can also play CDs while your work and open MultiMedia files, such as MIDI, WAV, etc from Audio Memo menus.   You can also import text into your notebooks from many sources, including word processors, sites on the world wide web, and e-mail, for example.  In fact, just about any text which can be accessed via your computer screen can be saved in Soft Notebook.  You can also export notebook pages to other utilities such as word processors.  You can print Soft Notebook pages and sketches. 

4)  Soft Notebook Provides Instant Access to Windows Calculator and Phone Dialer

Soft Notebook allows you to open the Windows Calculator and Phone Dialer utilities directly from the Tools menu so that they are easy to access and use without leaving Soft Notebook.  Your Windows Calendar is always available from the Task Bar.

5)  Customize Your Copy of Soft Notebook

You can replace the covers which come with Soft Notebook with your own cover design.  Use your own cover designs to promote your own business and logo, or just to express your personality.  Clients and friends will see your Soft Notebook cover displayed on your monitor whenever Soft Notebook is in use, but is closed or covered.  You can also set several favorite font preferences for quick access while working in Soft Notebook.

6)  Simple & Convenient, Extremely Useful

Many users may find that Soft Notebook is a simple and convenient way to create, import, organize, and archive information of all kinds.  Soft Notebook is a utility which just about everyone will find a use for.  Whether you are a student, researcher, businessman, professional, artist, or homemaker, you will probably find that Soft Notebook can help make life a little easier

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Who Should Use It?

It is hard to imagine anyone who can't find a good use for Soft Notebook.  If you use a computer, you probably need Soft Notebook.  While not intended to replace more sophisticated word processors or paint programs, you may find that Soft Notebook does provide all that you need for many applications.  Students, for example, may find that Soft Notebook provides all they need for writing papers, or organizing research materials and class notes.  In addition, you might wish to keep a diary, or make notes on upcoming social or athletic events.  You can keep information such as phone numbers for all your friends, emergency contacts, assignments, "to do" lists, etc, etc.   You will also find it to be invaluable for saving and organizing research information which you find on the internet, or e-mail messages which you send or receive.   Homemakers will find many of these items apply to them, as well. 

Doctors, Lawyers, Students, Businessmen, and Professionals in business or academia will probably find computer-based notebooks to be indispensible for organizing the myriad types of information which we must all deal with on a daily basis.  Soft Notebook offers considerable utility for organizing information.  Of special interest is the ability to copy information from web sites, e-mail, word processors, and many other sources, and to organize and archive this information in your notebooks.  This makes Soft Notebook an especially valuable aid in doing research or for organizing and updating all kinds of digital information.

Persons involved in sales and who do business from a laptop or notebook computer surely need Soft Notebook to organize and remember all the details of dealing with each and every client.  Every sale is different!  Can you afford to forget what went on at your last meeting with the client and what he expects from you?  Make Soft Notebook a part of your everyday sales routine.  Personalize your notebook covers with your personal or company information and logo (see Help Tips for instructions)!  Create a Tab or even an entire notebook for each client.  You won't regret your investment in Soft Notebook.

Artists and Musicians should find Soft Notebook to be useful for recording ideas, sketches, experimental compositions or even finished works.  Writers will find Soft Notebook to be useful for organizing research materials, as well as to prepare drafts of manuscripts in progress.  When it comes time to apply the very sophisticated levels of formatting required for publication, your pages can be exported to just about any modern word processor.

If you find that Soft Notebook would serve you better if it were changed, modified, or additions made to it, let us know.  We'll be continually upgrading Soft Notebook to meet the needs of those who use it.

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What Are the Requirements?

Soft Notebook is currently available for computers running Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT 4 (registered trade marks of Microsoft).  Soft Notebook is not planned to run on older versions of Windows (3.1, etc) or DOS.  It is not currently available on Apple or UNIX-based operating systems, except to the extent that these will run software written for the operating systems listed above.

A recommended configuration would be as follows:

IBM compatible PC running Windows 9X and later; CPU speed of 100 MHz or more (will run on slower computers);  8 MB of RAM or more;  10 MB of Hard Disk space; Screen Resolution of 640 X 480 or 800 X 600 (the latter is recommended).  Will run with higher screen resolutions, but 800 X 600 is recommended.

Soft Notebook is currently intended to run on stand-alone systems.  Everyone who has access to the system can create notebooks on it.  If you are interested in running Soft Notebook on a network server, please contact us.  A separate license is required for each network user.

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How Do I Learn to Use It?

When you install Soft Notebook, a Demo notebook is included.  From the Notebook menu, select Open and then select Notebook.  A window will open with a list of current notebooks.  Select the "Demo" notebook and it will be opened.  This notebook displays tabs which contain pages explaining most of the important features of Soft Notebook and how to use them.  These pages will direct you to the appropriate Help files for more information.

Soft Notebook contains extensive on-line Help files which document just about every feature of Soft Notebook.  Look for the "Overview" and "Getting Started" selections in the Help menu for information to help you when you first use Soft Notebook.   Soft Notebook is simple to use, and you are probably already familiar with many of the menu items from experience with other programs.  All available Soft Notebook documentation is on-line when you run Soft Notebook.  You can print any or all of the Help files if you wish to do so. 

Soft Notebook Help also contains a selection called "TIPS".  This Help file is probably worth looking at as you begin to work with Soft Notebook.  If you find that Soft Notebook documentation is inadequate in any way, please let us know. 

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How Much Does it Cost?

The special introductory price for Soft Notebook is still $12.95 US, if you purchase your trial copy.  However, this price is scheduled be changed to $20.00 US very soon. The price of purchase before download is now $20.00 US.  Purchase instructions are included with the Free Trial download.  We encourage administrators of large numbers of computers, such as school administrators, to contact us for special pricing arrangements.   If you prefer to receive Soft Notebook on CD ROM, this option is available.  Again, we will offer special pricing to academic insitutions and to administrators of large numbers of computer systems.   Please contact us with your request.

We urge everyone to try Soft Notebook for 30 days free of charge.  If Soft Notebook does not meet your needs, you are under no obligation to purchase.  All sales are final.   Please read the License Agreement (when installing) for further information related to purchase and use of Soft Notebook.

You cannot obtain an additional trial period, even if you download another copy of Soft Notebook.  Once you have installed Soft Notebook, it will only function for the subsequent 30 day period.  Purchase is required to use Soft Notebook beyond the 30 day trial period.  The trial download copy is for single computer only.

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What if My Computer Doesn't Meet the Requirements?

Soft Notebook is a new product which is not yet available on every computing platform.  If you are running on a platform other than an IBM compatible PC with Windows 95, 98, or NT, please let us know what your needs are. 

If you need a version of Soft Notebook which supports a screen resolution other than 640 X 480 or 800 X 600, please let us know.  At the moment, we recommend 800 X 600 resolution for Soft Notebook.  We can meet other requirements on request.

If you are using an older PC such as a 486 or 386 with a slow CPU, but you have Windows 95, 98, or NT running, then go ahead and try Soft Notebook.  A slow CPU (less than 100 MHz)  may be noticeable when using Sketch Pad, which, as with most graphic applications, benefits from high CPU speeds.  Slower movement of the mouse cursor when drawing or writing will result in better results with slow CPUs. 

If you need a version of Soft Notebook suitable for use on a network server, let us know what you need and the approximate number of licensed nodes required.

If you need a Professional version of Soft Notebook with permissions access and administrative password maintenance, let us know.  Please give as much information as possible concerning your exact requirements.

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