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Welcome to our New Gallery for Contributed Notebook Covers

Did you know that you can design your own personalized notebook covers in Soft Notebook?  A few examples are given below to start your creative juices flowing.   Now get busy and design some really earth-shaking notebook covers for all the world to see, and e-mail us a copy in GIF or JPEG format for display in our new gallery.   Include some information about yourself, as well, (name, hometown, affiliation, etc) which you would be willing to publish with your outstanding cover design. 

Full instructions on creating your own Soft Notebook covers can be found in the "TIPS" section of Soft Notebook HELP.  You can access this Help file after you have installed Soft Notebook.  Remember to keep everything in good taste!  Soft Notebook is a family-oriented product.  Posting of your cover in our gallery is subject to approval by our distinguished and highly discriminating panel of judges.

(Cover Sizes Are Reduced)

Example 1:   Sally has designed a cover which reflects her personality and loyalty to her school.  Sally's cover is a real work of art which speaks well for Sally when her notebook is closed:

                                        Sally's Cover


Example 2:  The world-renowned Professor Schweitzer of the Einstein Institute for Higher Intellectual Endeavors has designed a cover in keeping with the lofty traditions of his renowned stature and accolades.  His cover is proudly displayed on his monitor whenever his notebook is closed.

                                       Schweitzer's Cover

We'll look forward to seeing your creative notebook covers displayed here !
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