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  1. Learning to Use Soft Notebook
  2. Using  the Help Files

Learning to Use Soft Notebook

The following information is included in the information window which you will see during installation of Soft Notebook.  You should be able to print this page, if you desire, by selecting Print from the File menu of your web browser.  This information tells you how to start Soft Notebook and how to access the DEMO notebook which is included in your installation.  The DEMO notebook contains a considerable amount of introductory material to introduce you to the capabilities of Soft Notebook.  It will also direct you to the appropriate Help files (further information below).  Most users should begin by opening the DEMO notebook and reading through the material contained in it, starting with the Introduction page.

Instructions for Starting  Soft Notebook and Opening the DEMO notebook:

After installation, you will find Soft Notebook listed on your Programs menu. The cactus logo will be displayed beside the listing. Click on this logo to start Soft Notebook.   This will bring up your limited trial status window.  Click the "Continue" button to run Soft Notebook.

A "Splash" screen will appear with your name on it. Click the OK button to continue loading Soft Notebook. When Soft Notebook is loaded, a window will appear advising you to "Begin by Creating or Opening a Notebook". Click the OK button.

To learn more about Soft Notebook, click on "Notebook" at the left end of the menu bar. On the sub-menu which will appear, click Open and then click Notebook. A window will appear asking you to select a notebook to open.

Click on the down arrow to see the list of notebooks. Select the "DEMO" notebook (click on it) and then click the OK button.  The Demo notebook will be opened to an "Introduction" page.

Read the introduction pages and follow directions for learning more about using Soft Notebook. Lots of help can be found in the Help Files (right end of the menu bar in Soft Notebook), as well.  Look at the "Overview" and "Getting Started" Help files first.

Enjoy using your new Soft Notebook!

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Using the Help Files

There are several different ways in which you can obtain Help in Soft Notebook.

Help Menus
On the menu bars in Notebook, you will typically find a Help menu. Select this and then choose from among the Help options displayed. When you click on a Help option, a window will open containing that Help file. In Notebook, for example, you can see an Overview, read Tips for using Soft Notebook, get help for Getting Started, or learn about the various Soft Notebook menu items and controls.

Highlight a Control or Menu Item and Press F1
If you need information about how to use a control in Soft Notebook, highlight the control by placing the mouse cursor over it and leaving it there while you press the F1 key.   If the item is a main menu item, then click on it to reveal its submenu and to highlight it. When the control is highlighted, press F1. A window will open containing the appropriate Help file.

Place Mouse Cursor Over Controls for Tool Tips
If you need a brief (one line) description, describing the action of a control, then place the mouse cursor over it and leave it there. After a short delay, a very small window will appear with a short description of what the control does (Tool Tip). This does not work with certain controls such as Text Boxes, whose use would be impaired by a window popping up over them when they are active. This also does not work for items on the menu bar.

Double Click Background
Help for some of the special Forms which you will encounter in Soft Notebook (Notebook, Audio Memo, etc) can be accessed by simply double clicking the left mouse button, with the cursor on the colored background of the Form (background only, not controls !). Several forms (Pop Up Notes, Sketch Pad) have no visible background and so this method can't be used with them.

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